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Identified Technologies Corporation
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For industrial firms that require extensive data to increase their outputs, decrease their input costs, and operate safely, Identified Technologies delivers teams of flying robots to collect data quicker, more frequently, and more scalably than today‚Äôs labor intensive or imprecise manned aerial and satellite methods. Our system can quickly get you the data you need, whether it’s high definition photos and videos, point clouds, infrared, gas-sensing capabilities, or more. We serve leaders in the oil & gas and construction industries. We are currently rolling out our technology to multiple sites.

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To get started, contact us below. We will come to your site and show you what we can do. If you like what you see, we will work with you to create a custom pilot program to get you the data you need to operate.


Project Management

Oversee the progress of your subcontractors and employees in developing sites.

Risk Monitoring

Catch emerging risks through frequent monitoring of hazardous worksites and installations.

Client Relationships

Engage your clients with project updates of high definition images, video, and 3D models of progress.

Advertising Materials

Create high-impact advertising materials with striking aerial images of past projects.

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About Us .
Identified Technologies Corporation was founded in July 2013 to deliver cutting-edge UAV technology to top industrial businesses. We maintain offices in both Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh near Carnegie Mellon University at 6024 Broad Street. We are a member of AlphaLab Gear.

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